The crowds at Sziget were huge

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The crowds at Sziget were huge. Honestly, it was one of the biggest mind tricks ever. You could stand on the benches and get a good view, you could breathe and there was plenty of space to dance around. You should stick with the smaller stages to get more of an atmosphere and better sound.

The festival runs for a whole week from Monday to Sunday. Some were trying to crawl up the metal gates while others held on to them to stand, hair over their faces and a big pile of sick at their feet. We missed the colour party but judging by the technicolour crowd going past us, it was a good one. Once the main stage was exhausted we went to find somewhere else to dance. Best viewing spots Our favourite spot for watching the main stage soon became the food area at the back.

The food and the Sky Bar were the best and most unique things about Sziget Festival. At the Irish Stage some old dude was up there playing an Irish whistle and then he bought some big dirty beats in and the crowd went wild. We wandered around for a bit through the different rooms until my friend suggested we play hide n seek. When they got over-excited at the main stage it was unnerving to think I was right in the centre of a good few thousand people.

The food and theAt the Irish Stage some old