She was white and very attractive

Accra ghana dating scam

It may have been a test to see if i would do it. First some history from two years ago. She sent me photos to defend her case that she was real. The first time she invited me to the phone call for video chat, a video recording popped up with no sound the the dark image had her lips moving.

She was working part-time and in college going after her degree, but seeking a man to be with outside of Ghana. The attractive women are never on there, or they are fake and seeking to go into Whatzapp with you, where they can then have access to you cell phone number.

It came to be she got in a terrible bind for groceries one week and asked if I could send her some money to get herself some groceries for her apartment. One of them, I became involved with in chat through yahoo messenger.

The above photo is the Ghana, Africa dating scammer. She was white and very attractive.

The attractive women are never

About two years ago, I fell victim to three different occurrences of dating scam. She sent another video chat invite to me and I did not see the video, but I actually saw the person who was the actual chatter.

She was working parttime