The issue has only reappeared once

Ad group membership not updating

As long as we are up and running currently, I am moving on to other tasks with this project.

Suppose that the user domain account has been added to the Active Directory group to access a file share. At the same time you need to use the rights, access or apply new policies right now. This property controls when SharePoint will consider that the security token has expired and ask the user to re-authenticate. Let me know if any of the above helped you or if you find something I may not have thought of. SharePoint checks the expiration of the security Token at the start of every request.

In fact, Confluence claims to sync every hour but still have not picked up the changes. This seems like an unlikely problem. Then I get a Partial Result Exception because it looks like the connection times out. What I did was the following.

The issue has only reappeared once. Kerberos tickets can be reset without the restart of a computer using klist.

This seems like an unlikely problemIn fact Confluence