The Suite Life on Deck and Jessie

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He's very open about his homosexuality, is very hyper, and does a lot of ecstasy - and gets very excited about doing a lot of ecstasy. But I truly believe that the movie will be something special. Keeping her Radio Rebel alter ego a secret, Tara becomes an instant hit because her radio show encourages her classmates to be themselves. In between episodes, I'll be going to Victoria to play the female lead's friend, a guy stuck in the friend-zone a familiar story in my life in the upcoming thriller The New Girl.

Vaughn and Laci Mailey - which was really cool. He's just wrapped shooting in Vancouver, where he had his first paparazzi experience, and took some time before his next project to answer a few questions.

The Suite Life

The movie was directed by Peter Howitt and was shot in Canada, with principal photography taking place during the summer of in Vancouver. The Suite Life on Deck and Jessie. Except, for one student, mean-girl Stacy, who despises Radio Rebel for her extreme popularity. But yeah, I loved working with Debby - she's such a cool, energetic, generous, talented person. He's kind of a loveable screwup, just trying to figure his life out one day at a time.

The movie was directed

Every actor has a different path, a different journey - be accepting of where you are and keep striving for where you want to be. Angrily, Principal Moreno unreasonably decides to cancel the prom until Radio Rebel reveals her true self.