Adblock easylist not updating

Adblock easylist not updating

Now you can also import rules from hosts files, coma and new-line separated lists and our own format. This includes the size of unnecessary empty areas caused by the message.

Since this can be interpret in numerous ways, here's a more detailed explanation for webmasters about what we allow or disallow.

You can also request assistance by e-mailing the EasyList authors directly. If you follow these guidelines, we're all happy. We're excited to bring you new features and we're not stopping here. You can also add your own sets of rules, including specialised and regional filters to fully customise your Safari browsing experience.

It is the most popular list used by many ad blockers and forms the basis of over a dozen combination and supplementary filter lists. On top of the major changes, there is quite a lot going on under the hood.

Now you canThis includes the size of

Problems with other filter lists should be reported to their respective authors. This will allow members to assist you in resolving problems and will notify the authors that the filter lists should be updated, a change that will rectify the issue for all users.