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This is modern classical ceremonial and celebratory-triumphant music with harpsichord, strings, piano and orchestral instruments leading. Cool for extreme and sport videos, games, backgrounds, films, youtube, tv advertisements, action movies, trailers, commercials and visuals. Triumphant and emotional epic royalty free background music. If you are planning to go on an adventure trip in the near future, then you would surely need to update your music list with the appropriate songs which will make your trip all the more fun. Perfect background audio for any festive and celebratory events, advertisements, commercials, travel videos, positive and optimistic videos.

Perfect for road trip, travel vlogs, fashion highlights, youth-targeted commercials. An eclectic, experimental electronic track with ethereal female vocalizations and epic bittersweet feel.

Powerful, uplifting and inspiring rock piece. This is bright and upbeat indie rock music with uplifting feeling and catchy optimistic mood. Brave epic orchestral music with heroic and majestic mood.

Adventure background music

Melodic and uplifting future bass track with stylish future vocals for digital and marketing projects, game videos, teasers, and tv spots. The same can be said with music for adventure sports where you just want something that is easy to download and start playing. The music arrangement features a soft piano lead supported by orchestral strings and percussions.

Royalty free Adventures music

Adventure background music

The ideal way to do that is to first go through the various kinds of songs and then decide on your preferences. Ideal for scenes of adventures, action, thriller, hackers, cyber punk, movie soundtracks, etc.

Positive and uplifting tropical pop royalty free music. Inspiring energetic dance music with happy vibes of summer holidays and driving mood for amazing adventures. Perfect for great achievements breakneck success, brave adventures, heroic actions, film trailers, and more. Bouncy bass melody with groovy drums and a gentle synth style lead. Upbeat house tune with a fresh summer vibe.

If you are going for a camping trip or any trip involving some adventure activities like surfing, rafting etc. Groovy hip hop track with punchy drums, wobbling bass and driving synths. Adventure music needs to be just the right mix of funky upbeat music with undertones of relaxed music.

This is beautiful corporate royalty free music with easy-going and atmospheric mood. Powerful and emotive epic composition. This epic inspirational theme will work great in motivational videos, epic film scenes, and other media projects that need an emotional and epic soundtrack. Moreover, there are many bands and solo singers which also specialize in adventure themed music.

Good times and moving forward! Epic and dramatic symphonic composition for heroic moments.

Summer dance-pop background music with tropical vibes and feel-good mood. Great for jungle and safari background, Native American life and wild scenes, primitive and ancient videos, African nature movies and much more. Suitable for any martial arts promotion, holiday promotion, or anything which requires a distinctly robust Asian themed piece of music. Can you even imagine how dull things would be if nobody bothered to add music for adventure movie productions? Creates a warm romantic mood and cozy atmosphere.

Media types

Encouraging, heroic and majestic epic style hybrid orchestral music. Multiple strings, piano, drums and percussion are combined to create full of emotional feeling music. Perfect royalty free dance music for commercials campaigns, vacation and summer videos, fashion shows, clubbing visuals and more. Great usage in catchy Youtube story, traveling videos, stories of success, innovation technologies, motivational projects, the unforgettable journey.

Adventure background music

Good for advertisement projects, bright moments, successful achievements, inspirational narration, or cinematic adventures. Will ideally suited for the intense cinematic heroic action, Discovery or National Geography style documentaries with the theme of surviving in the wild nature, adventures hunger games, and more. Perfect for adventures movie trailers, and other projects needing heroic and brave soundscape. Inspirational, emotional and moving music track, featuring piano, electric guitars, background strings, sean cody bass and drums.

Take music for adventure games as an example. Royalty free Adventures music Think Big. Great for summer vacation, fashion show, Youtube vlogs, lifestyle videos, stylish commercial and more. Happy, joyful, and cheerful music with a light and uplifting feel.

This is driving and powerful modern rock music with bright sound and confident energetic mood. For example, a single track can consist of both action music to get your heart racing in tune with the thump of the music with occasional hints of mysterious and suspense music. Featuring a building orchestra with powerful symphonic strings, strong percussion, brass and piano. Perfect for travel adventures, sportive exercises, fitness workout videos, beauty blogs, festivals openers, and fun.

Epic and inspirational instrumental music theme with a grand cinematic feel. It is up to you to decide which kind of music best suits your tastes.

Suitable for extreme sports, active lifestyle, car racing, commercial promo spot, etc. The same thing applies when checking out music for adventure video although here you have the added bonus of tracks being royalty free when you purchase from our website. Ideal energetic for action movies, extreme sports, dangerous adventures, fighting scenes in your projects! Enjoy trendy sound and use Tropical Winds now.

Music for Adventure

Here at Melody Loops we can provide all of this and more. Modern energetic dance track for youth-oriented projects. Great for life celebration videos, student party, bright moments and wonderful time with best friends.