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Other popular programs included Hindi film songs based programs like Chitrahaar and Rangoli and crime thrillers like Karamchand, Byomkesh Bakshi, sony psp n1001 games Tehkikaat and Janki Jasoos. Ek songs nahin send kar sakate hain. Can I get the title songs for Doordarshan serials like Meher and all others. The characters of Ramayan and Mahabharat were almost worshiped like God and Goddess throughout the country. Creatures of the Deep viii.

William Wallace vs Shaka Zulu ix. If anyone is aware please mail me on arindam. Vote for best Doordarshan Serial of old times. Hi All Glad to see that you are interested in my collection.

Baap Numbri Beta Dus Numbri. Hi, does someone remember the name of the telefilm where a man is inspired by seeing a relative go abroad, so he studies well and gets a job oversees. The Conqueror of Nevada iii. Can anyone put up the link for that? His father is from airforce.

So golden momeries with these shows i love to watch again n again in my life. Indeed great collection and good work. It showed how men invented various tool, fire, wheel etc. He also played the lead role in each episode.

How can I get this and for how much cost? Somebody plz upload these serials online or youtube.

Edm Sinhala Mp3 Songs And Dj RemixesBollywood Hindi Movie Song Download

Edm Sinhala Mp3 Songs And Dj Remixes

Please let me know if anyone remembers the cartoon. During that time people used to live in forts or small huts also there are knights who wear full body armour.

Please tell me how I can get this serial. Could you by any chance know and give me some details on the above cartoon series as I have not been able to locate it on the net. Malgudi Days and Tamas, they said, will follow soon. The series depicts American culture whenre a south indian old age man visits his son and daughter in-law in America and explains about the American culture by visiting various places.

List of Old Doordarshan TV shows and Serials

Prakash Menon who has given the emu bird harvesting? Does any body have any knowledge about it. Lost Treasures of The Ancient World i.

Please tell where I can get the full episodes in english version. Im looking for a serial telecasted in dd national. Shridhar Phadke was a Music Director. Hi, I have a vague memory of a white animated skeleton in a red backdrop dancing to a funny tune.

It was probably the first Indian television show on women empowerment. Hats off to a very good effort.

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The plot revolves around a poor boy and rich girl. In any case can you be able to provide it. Like every stone on the road had an incredible story beneath it.

List of Old Doordarshan TV shows and Serials

Can anyone guide me how to get it, or have any information about it. Can i have the info about the cartoon series Life History of Man. Looking for stage show by Samantha Fox at Delhi which was live telecasted on Doordarshan on two nights. This replaces Aa bail mujhe maar. It use to be in evening time on saturday or sunday.

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Bharat ek khoj surfing karte huye dd loksabha par dekha tha. Can anyone help me please?

Aapne mujhe mere bachpan ki yaad dila di, jab main chota tha to mujhe malgudi days, shaktimaan pasand the, meri ek muslim friend thi jisko alif laila bahut pasand tha. Realy tht was great day n sweet memories of life. The efforts to keep track of the all the doordarshan serails and publish the same is highly appreciated. One Of the best serials from Asian continent.

List of Old Doordarshan TV shows and Serials

Can you give me the exact year of the serials you have listed? Which one still wants to watch. It touched me so deeply that i wrote that song in my copy. This is the title track for Jungle Book. The entire series was in English only.

If any one is interested in the above serials, u can mail me at santhoshcool gmail. There used to be a foot ball which is home of a small table tennis ball.

It used to come in the early nineties on sundays around pm when there used to be cartoons. Needs genuine links for all the episodes of Duck Tales in hindi as they have become a huge hit with my son and Bheem is now a old story.

Can anyone help me with links where i can find the episodes on web or even a link for purchase will do good to me. Rameshwari as her daughter in law.