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Ailee dating allkpop

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The album also features artist Eric Nam. Since then, notable K-pop idols who have had friendly ties with Allkpop in the past such as G. The lyric video is in the style of a comic, which story arc, according to the management agency, will continue for any upcoming singles by A.

The one condition was that Ailee would be sitting down for all of her promotion activities. The management agency had discussed that the reason for this alias is to minimize the effects of racial prejudice the charts seem to have towards Asians in the American music industry. Selling pictures you personally received could get you into trouble. The track was written and produced by Ailee's labelmate Wheesung.

The album also features

The single was part nine in a series composed of high-charting singles. No but things in Korea rarely are although they may seem it at first glance. She reported them to the police and it was later found that she was scammed by a company who approached other college girls as well.

He claimed to possess nude photos of Ailee and wanted to sell them to Dispatch. She definitely has the voice. However, the agency that had requested the nude shots was later discovered to be a fraudulent operation targeting female college students. It was written by Min Yun-jae, Jakops, and Ailee.

As much as I hate to say it, allkpop have mostly recovered. For the time being, however, we will be keeping a vigilant eye on the situation and providing updates periodically. The advent of paparazzi in Korea, Dispatch and the Ailee-allkpop scandal. The Ailee scandal highlighted much of the best and the worst of the Korean public discourse and the international fandom.