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You were a mercenary sent to investigate the issue. Damage Prevention Below are some of the things that would deplete your health. Sexually explicit or offensive language. Reactive music which helps drive the action. Advertisements or commercial links.

Alien creatures can swamp you in any direction in the bloodthirsty creature filled room. It turns out that the teleportation devices from a top-secret experiment have been opened and aliens are pouring out from the teleportation devices. You can buy a variety of weapons with the money you earned.

As you escape deeper into the building, towards the endless darkness you will discover more aliens which are much more powerful. Character attribute and equipment Improving Character attributes and equipment could greatly help you in this topdown shooter game to fight with thousands of pitiless creatures.

Just paste the urls you'll find below and we'll download file for you! To clear the individual level, players need to gain access to all area of the level, activating power generators, destroying walls and disabling force fields. If you have questions about Alien Shooter game, please contact us using this form.

Your message has been reported and will be reviewed by our staff. Alien shooter is filled with surreal weapon effects and alien bursting effects such as exploding bellies, dripping blood corpse and flesh of alien spreaded around the game area. Fight for your survival in this scary alien pursuit. One year passed since aliens invaded planet Earth. Alien Shooter is an action shooter game with epic story and swarms of alien enemies.

The Experiment A unique pack of the legendary Alien Shooter with all add-ons in existence! In the later level, i9100xxlsj i9100oxxls1 you will have to destroy teleportation devices which spawns the aliens indefinitely.

These attributes can be enhanced at the later stage and it will greatly help you in your fight against the gush of aliens. Keepshare Click here to Download. Thank You for Submitting a Reply,! Every level is an interactive environment with explosive and destructible objects that can be triggered all over the map. The mission can be really intimidating as the teleportation of the aliens from their galaxy do not stop until the teleporter is deactivated.

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Alien Shooter Fight for Life - PC

Upon infiltration, the military complex was under alien invasion and bloodthirsty creatures fill the military base. You will be provided with explosives to help you gain access to the teleports from where thousands of pitiless creatures pour. How to download alien shooter fight for life files to my device? There are also temporary stats that can be purchased include lives, body armour and attack.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. You must get into the secret research-and-development center and save the virus. The endless darkness and the sombre, long passages of a military complex have become the abode of evil, as countless blood-thirsty creatures fill its offices, storehouses and mysterious laboratories. Improving your survival skills There are things that you should take note to last longer in Alien shooter.

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With that said, if Alien shooter can allow co-operation or multiplayer plays, the game will be perfect. We provide you with free games because of displaying online advertisements.

This game is loaded with thrill and action you can hear your heart pounding with every step you take. You can choose between male stronger with more health or a female faster and more accuracy character. Upload File Request file File Leecher. Direct Link Click here to Download. By having a good aim at the oncoming bloodthirsty creatures and exploring the level, you will be able to earn money for better weapon upgrades.

As bad as it sounds, you lost the connection with the outside world too. Just click file title and download link will show up. The posting of advertisements, profanity, or personal attacks is prohibited.

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Useful Equipment includes night vision which enables you to see through the endless darkness. The developer has done a decent job in making this a thrilling game. You will be impressed with the spectrum of weapons that is available in the shop. Killed aliens will drop pickups, consisting of money, health, ammo and other helpful items. These monsters have captured large districts of the Earth surface, and now all the humanity arises against them.

Another useful equipment that you should invest in is drones. You are left to fight this alien war alone before the reinforcement comes. Click here to review our site terms of use. What do you need to know about free software? Among secret government research projects there's a virus which can help people survive and avoid total annihilation.

Clicking on the Download Now Visit Site button above will open a connection to a third-party site. Do not get caught in your own explosive as this may kill you. Nonetheless, this free game is still worth the download for all thrill seekers out there. After upload, share files instantly via Social networks or via Email with your friends or family.

The story brings you to an underground laboratory where several military assault mission had failed and their contact with them was lost. Note that your submission may not appear immediately on our site. With the hoards of monstrous creatures charging at you relentlessly, it is pretty clear that survival is your main objective. If file is multipart don't forget to check all parts before downloading! These devices can only be destroyed by special explosives that are scattered throughout the level.

Official site of Sigma Team company - Alien Shooter - Fight for Life

Download Alien Shooter free games now! Do not allow them escape this facility, you are our last hope. Flaming or offending other users. Use Flamethrower for melee aliens aliens which are really close to you and Magma minigun for long range. Grab your stuff while you still can.

Didn't found proper alien shooter fight for life download link? Here you can find alien shooter fight for life shared files we have found in our database. As you earn your pay, you can equip yourself with additional weapons in the arming area and biomechanical implants that will make your fighting abilities superhuman. You can also share alien shooter fight for life or any other file with the community.

Between levels players can buy stronger weapons in a shop. You have been granted access to the most advanced weapons tech money can buy. The fate of humanity now depends on you! The alien invasion has begun, we have one chance, and that is to stop them cold in their staging area.

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You could even shift objects to impede the advancement of the alien creatures. Click it and That's it, you're done amigo! Try to maintain a safety distance from them.