Somehow they arrived alive

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Realizing it could cost him his relationship with his dad, Jack has to make a tough decision. Two new minor characters, named Arthur and Sullivan, were originally created to accompany Locke. Horrified, he confesses to the board that Christian was operating under the influence during the surgery, which impaired his judgment that led to the chain of events causing the woman's death. When you know what's going to happen and you still get swept up in it all. However, sometime later Jack learns the patient's husband is suing the hospital.

When he regains consciousness, Jack continues on, eventually finding Charlie, who has been hanged by Ethan. After they find a knuckle bandage left by Charlie as a clue, the party find two separate trails. It is fun to look at the episode titles to see if there is any hidden meaning, but sometimes, there just isn't. When it starts raining, Jack believes he hears Claire screaming. It gave us the emotional payoff for the episode.

Somehow they found the broken bottle trail without help. It's inevitable that the follow-up should be equally satisfying, and All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues doesn't disappoint for a second.

For example, Lockdown - the Hatch goes under lockdown, but this could also be a play on words meaning that Locke goes down, alluding to him being trapped under the blastdoor. Jack does not give up and brings Charlie back to life. Locke decides to go back to gather a hunting party, but Jack continues alone. Javier Grillo-Marxuach wrote the episode.

In the meantime, Boone and Locke are still looking through the jungle. In a quote taken directly fron lostpedia. Locke takes Boone in one direction, while Jack and Kate take the other.

Somehow they found the broken bottle

Jack tumbles down an embankment to find Ethan, who warns Jack he will kill one of his captives if he does not stop following Ethan. Throughout the writing process, the episode went through several changes.

It's inevitable that

Somehow they arrived alive. All the best cowboys have Chinese eyes. The two were given the freedom to set up how their characters would fight each other.

Jack and Christian then attend a board meeting discussing what went wrong during the operation. Boone decides to go back to the caves.