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Ryan Murphy shared a first look at Evan back in character on the set. Stevie Nicks, who will play herself. March appears in Hotel and Apocalypse. It's also been reported that Connie Britton will be joining the cast and will shoot scenes at the Murder House mansion very soon.

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The episode she appears in will be directed by Sarah Paulson. Murphy is also actively trying to get Anjelica Huston to join the cast. Lady Gaga could possibly make an appearance as the original Supreme Scathach as seen in Roanoke but her two-year Vegas residency might prevent her from being available for filming. Gabourey Sidibe, who'll bring Queenie back from the dead. Dylan McDermott has been spotted on set while the cast film at the infamous Murder House.

Apocalypse will begin with the end of the world before diving into a brand new post-apocalyptic world. Lily Rabe, who'll return as Misty Day. The announcement that this season will be the crossover has come as a shock to fans who believed it wasn't happening until due to scheduling with some of the actors from the past seasons.

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Cheyenne Jackson Billie Lourd, who will be playing Mallory. However, Murphy has stated that all of the seasons are and will be connected by the end of the series. Several teaser trailers have also dropped for the season, all featuring imagery of the anti-Christ, nuclear blasts and people wearing gas masks.

Cult but judging by the cast for Apocalypse, this might actually come true. Frances Conroy, who will bring Myrtle Snow back to the Coven. Murphy has stated that as the series progresses, more and more characters will be making a return to the show.