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We update our product and widgets regularly. Join our Newsletter Get the very best of Android Authority in your inbox. Ability to change its position, length and angle as well as to modify the size and the status hidden or showed of icons and folders in the dock bar. You can open the apps and the folders in the dock bar with wave-sliding mode. This launcher is just like any ordinary launcher, consisting of a dock bar at the bottom and few pages on the homescreen.

Just tap and drag from the right side of the screen and you can access your favorite apps, transition settings, widgets, and much more. You will also have a new look and a fully organized app drawer. You can Find More info by Search com.

Try One of the best launchers for android phone! Your source for all things Android! Unlike the usual launcher that separates each section of the home screen into pages, ulead video studio 11 for mac this launcher lets you insert panels on your Android homescreen.

All operations, including deletion, addition, menu showing-up or vanishing, are provided with natural, glaring and butter-smooth animation transition effects. Long press on the home screen to add useful widgets and shortcuts. Android launchers can also be used to fully customize your Android skin.

Download C Launcher 3D- Daily Update Theme Live Wallpapers APK Android

Ability to complete quick custom shortcut operations on any home screen. What you do not know is that this launcher also has a few tricks that will surely surprise you.

Best 3D homescreen launchers for Android

Fantastic animation transition effects. You can also make individual workspaces unique by attaching a different background to each workspace. Your phone deserves to be special! You can open an app, read the latest news, check hot app offers, check your Facebook account, send a message to your contacts, and much more right on your homescreen.

Tired of the usual way of opening a folder? Running the launcher for the first time will bring you to its app drawer. Previously, we talked about the best Android launchers for your Android device. Batch icon selecting for home screens, folders and dock bar.

Many nice free third-party themes are available. One of the perks of having an Android device is that it can be easily be customized the way its owners want.

UR 3D Launcher APK

You are allowed to define all the elements of the home screen freely and efficiently. Ability to customize icon back image, upon image, text label style, etc. You can create a dedicated workspace for game apps or a page for your appointments. You can also access all your apps from the app drawer.

Here you will find android free themes for any kinds or folks! For instance, the weather panel lets you see the weather for the day. You will also notice falling leaves on the homescreen or when you touch the screen.

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You can also set the transition effects for the app drawer. Long press gesture on the home screen. You can preview the corresponding settings directly. The free version lets you enjoy all the features mentioned above, but you will be able to create up to five folders only.

The best customizable and efficient launcher ever! More stylish free themes for android icon pack and customized phone system launcher coming soon. You can scroll through different homescreens by tapping the button on the bottom-right portion of the screen. Panels are not the only cool addition in this launcher.

The launcher allows you to quickly access apps and settings on the menu bar. You can even rotate app shortcuts to different angles and quickly select multiple apps with the lasso tool. Pinch in gesture with two fingers on the home screen.

How to access the Screen Manager menus? Simple and effective phone booster feature will help your phone to keep its best conditions all the time! Aside from separating each workspace, you can also give it a unique name.

Get the Android Authority app on Google Play. Most Android launchers, if not all, consist of pages where you can place widgets or app shortcuts. You can quickly view your agenda and schedules with the Calendar panel. You will find a flying balloon that will serve as a battery indicator. There are tons of cool stuff you can discover with this launcher.

Switch between search engines and browse internet with the lightning speed using U Launcher search feature. It offers smooth, unique and customized man-machine interactive operation experience.

Best 3D homescreen launchers for Android

You can also add additional panels for images, contacts, time, market, and much more. You will find falling sakura petals, a yellow flower, or swaying dandelions. Please check for updates often to insure you receive the best experience. You can enable or disable these features from the settings menu to maximize the performance of your Android device.

Download C Launcher 3D- Daily Update Theme Live Wallpapers APK Android

Each panel has its own specific function. But, instead of getting pre-filled workspaces, you have to customize and fill them yourself. Pioneering icon editing tool.