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Quicksilver lost to Austin Aries after Carelli threw in the towel on his behalf. On the next episode of Smackdown he defeated Damien Sandow with the cobra. After that, he took a brief hiatus once again.

Strongko and defeating Mo Sexton. He was the first of seven Team Raw members eliminated, pinned by Tyler Reks. It said he moved to the U. Seven other women ganged up on him, and held his legs apart for Maria to headbutt his testicles and pin him.

Marella then began a feud with Cesaro and his tag team partner Jack Swagger. He, along with kung fu practitioner Steven J. Marella then took a leave of absence due to a neck injury. Instead, he was attacked by most of the female roster.

Following this he got in a confrontation with Aries, resulting in Carelli hitting Aries with a low blow. He was one of the final two wrestlers, before being eliminated by Alberto Del Rio. It is for general strength and conditioning, as well as for training in mixed martial arts and professional wrestling taught by the original Battlarts founder, Yuki Ishikawa. Santino interfered near the end of the match, pulling Maria off of a pin, and was punched by Jerry Lawler.

Marella then began aHe along with kung fu practitioner

He challenged Mickie James to a match with one arm tied behind his back, with a battle royal spot on the line, but he lost. During a title match between them, Roddy Piper distracted Marella, who was then pinned. Three days later, he dropped it to Shawn Spears.

Successively Marella was eliminated by Wade Barrett from the battle-royal. Carelli still collaborating with Impact Wrestling, co-hosting the program Behind the Lights on Twitch. On the following episode of SmackDown, Marella successfully defended the title against Swagger in a steel cage match, by escaping through the cage door. After the match, Marella formally announced the end of his in-ring career.

After the match, he danced on the announce table. Marella then began a gradual heel turn and became increasingly jealous of his girlfriend, Maria. After celebrating in the ring, Tamina kissed Santino, starting a relationship between them.