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Armour bacon dating app

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This is more fun than Tinder's swiping functions. And if you and Sunny were on a date, and there was one piece of bacon left on the table, he would split it with you.

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If you don't, your match disappears into bacon heaven. Despite telling the app we'd like to focus on bacon lovers in L. Because in bacon love, these things matter. The meat company is using a dater's preference for bacon to measure compatibility. Shawn caught my eye, because he likes crispy bacon.

Instead, you let other daters on the app know if you like turkey or pork bacon, how crispy you like your bacon, and if you're a bacon splitter, taker or giver. This week, Oscar Mayer released a new dating app specifically for bacon lovers. That's probably more than you got from your six-month, on-again, off-again stint on Tinder.

When we came across someone we considered compatible, we held down the sizzle button, which of course is shaped like a heart. There is no vegetarian option. Related stories Bacon alarm clock wafts meat odors from your iPhone The app, released Wednesday, asks you a series of questions about your bacon likes and dislikes.