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Presently, the Zapotee follow a form of Catholicism wherein saint worship plays a dominant part and pre-Hispanic beliefs have become fused with Catholicism. Zapotee Cargos are hierarchically arranged, age-graded religious and political posts in which adult men in the community serve terms of office without pay. The household is the basic production unit but it is linked to the outside through an elaborate, cyclical marketplace system that has operated for centuries. Marriage and Family Marriage.

Intervillage disputes over community boundaries, sometimes resulting in the loss of life, have periodically arisen in many areas for at least the last several hundred years. Certain localities, for example, the valley community of Mitla, specialized in trading activities. Local industry is not seen as a glorious business in the Zapotec community because it is essentially controlled by women. Balancing out the vices of the dead, pictures of the Virgin of Guadalupe, Mexico's patron saint, also are placed on the altars.

Kinship Kin Groups and Descent. Yards and patios are often only semi-private, being visible from the street and neighboring compounds.

So the story goes, these advancements were bestowed upon the Zapotec Indians from a visitor from outer space. Land may be inherited at the parent's death, at an offspring's marriage, or when a parent becomes too old to work the fields. Zapotee kinship terms, ancient and modern, are dosest to the Hawaiian type. In most Zapotee communities, citizens are elected to fill positions in a cargo system.

Mexico's month-old economic crisis took its toll on commemorations this year. The Zapotee rain god was worshiped in the northern sierra region until the mid-twentieth century. They also try to lure home the spirits of dead relatives by stocking up on the liquor, beer and cigarettes that they liked while alive. Weaving and factory life has become a way of life for many Zapotec women in Oaxaca. An important source of income is tourism.

Depending on his or her stage in the life cycle, a Zapotee may live in a nuclear or an extended family. Additionally, sons tend to inherit more land than do daughters. The Zapotee are the largest indigenous group in the Mexican state of Oaxaca. Then it is dried and carded. Some set off fireworks, while others mediated in silence.

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