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In pornography, anal sex is not an unusual occurrence. It's this work that really makes anal intercourse a rarity in reality.

And now, a man's point of view. Nichi Hodgson is a journalist, broadcaster and sex educator. So do some porn research before you watch. You can get these points by referring friends, answering questions, voting on topics, and adding or voting on articles.

All those communication classes don't get squandered if you actually use them. But you should be concerned about it too. Live cam shows or bespoke videos, made just for you by your favourite performer are an even better way to go. It'll be a bigger mess afterwards if you have to clean up vomit.

The best one out there is Boodigo. Male porn stars seem to have a compulsive need to slap their members against things. By using a tailor-made search engine. Occasionally, camera tricks are used to hide the fact that the male performer is quickly wiped down before the girl dives in. But it does tend to focus more on sex acts that give women pleasure, more cunnilingus, for example.

Porn stars are not real people. What looks like a great idea on video may not translate well into a real-life sexual encounter with your girlfriend.

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