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Mitchell initially was very cold and dismissive towards his family, constantly being the wet blanket on his family's more idealistic dreams. We've hung some art in her room, some Asian art.

He calls an unknown person on the phone, saying they hit the jackpot. Meanwhile, Mary Jane reveals to her friend Jessica that she caught Kitty Pryde's escape from the government on tape. He walks into the attic, breaks into Parker's bookcase, and finds the Spider-Man outfit. He starts to run a giant crime spree, causing chaos everywhere and catching the attention of everyone, even the Parker household.

After a brief battle, Spider-Man beats the Ringer and is booed away by the civilians watching him. Soon after, Spider-Woman appears and attempts to stop them, but gets shot out of the sky by the villains. She says that he should not punish himself, as he has been punished enough. He finishes the story by mentioning that the universe rewarded him with a big grin as Gloria asks if he would like to join her in the jacuzzi. However, he has developed into a more rounded character, being a nicer and more relatable individual.

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Cut to the Dunphy house, where Jay is trying to show Claire his new and improved balance, that is, until Phil bursts through the door and knocks him over. She begins to cry, and Mary Jane lets her sit down. She says that Mary Jane is the perfect girl for him, because she can understand his life as a superhero.

She privately admits that she thinks he's a pretty awesome dad, and her main love interests are very similar to him in most ways. She says that he has suffered enough. The show makes a reference to Hamilton several years after its creator Lin-Manuel Miranda had a guest appearance. The episode featuring it has the rest of the cast reading from it at the end of the episode, then looking up in utter bafflement as to what they just read. They fight until Wendel Vaughn, the project leader, and S.

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The partner is revealed to be a female Chameleon. After the police arrive Spider-Woman runs away, and after being pursued by the Human Torch, gets asked out on a date. While Gloria is sometimes this to Jay, it should be noted that, depending on the issue at hand, it's fairly frequent that Jay is the one who's Closer to Earth.