Backdating child benefit ireland

Backdating child benefit ireland

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Because we too have been taxpayers for that period. Where to apply Introduction To get a social welfare payment, you must make a claim for that payment to the Department of Social Protection.

Yet they say that because her daughter only moved to the uk in july that is as far as they will be backdating pay. Rules Extending the time limits In most cases the time limit for making a claim may be extended. We still had to support daughter financially so why shouldn't we get what we are entitled to. More information is available in our document on habitual residence.

You normally make a claim by completing an application or claim form. If you make a late claim you may get a payment from the date you sent your claim to the department but you may not get your payment back-dated to the time you were entitled to it but did not claim. To get the time limit extended you must have a good reason for not making your claim within the time limit.

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This means you can get your payment back-dated to the time that you became entitled to it or for least six months before you made your claim, whichever is the lower. You will be sent a letter confirming payment.

This is also the case if the worker becomes unemployed and gets Jobseeker's Benefit. You should claim a payment as soon as you think you might be entitled to it.

Just want clarification from someone who knows, not opinions from those that don't matter so find something better to do with your time. Generally, the fact that you did not know that you were entitled to a payment is not considered to be a good reason for not making your claim on time. See our document on habitual residence for more information. The time limits for making a claim vary from one payment to another. The time limits are generally quite short for short-term payments and are longer for long-term pensions.