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Bdr g1b matchmaking

It will get medium weight matchmaking, though. We can attack it once we can see it.

The track had a continuous rubber Pendelastic inner lining. Then Brothers in Arms for the whole crew.

We can attack it once

Automatic fire extinguishers were also required. If armor plate was not available for the companies, boiler plate was permitted in the construction of the prototypes. Playing lower or same tier tank, we have to watch out for its fire. Char G At the same time, debate was raging about the future use of the tank in the Infanterie.

We have to watch out for counter attack, because one or two hits will eliminate us from the fight. The mobility is really disappointing though. Until the debate was settled, the future of the Char G remained uncertain. Bad armor makes that every opponent is able to break through.

Some wanted the limited funds to be spent on producing a sufficient number of light infantry tanks to give each division its own organic tank battalion. The cupola would also be fitted with an optical telemetric rangefinder. More conservative officers opposed imitating the Cavalerie and insisted that the Infanterie should stick to its traditional role, that of the breakthrough. Only if we have bad luck, our shells will ricochet on enemy armor. This also meant that development would take some time, as the tank was too advanced for French industry at the time.

The fuel tank would have a capacity of liters. This tank has to get close to the enemy, while not being very mobile, nor armored, nor having a gun that can damage other heavies easily. Despite its short length, the gun would have good armor penetration using Brandt tungsten armor piercing sub-caliber ammunition. The transmission was to be petrol-electric and of the Gebus-Roussin type. Sixth Sense for Commander, Repair for the rest of the tankers.

In general they called for a tank that was powerfully armed, immune to standard anti-tank guns and possessed excellent tactical and strategic mobility. Self-propelled guns are able to quickly turn our tank into burning wreckage.

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