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In addition to making masturbating feel better, lube guards against friction burns and other abrasion of the penis. When I came, it was the most intense orgasm I have ever had. You ought to be developing your sexual imagination at your age and not relying on porn.

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Then I pulled over to clean up and rest for a minute. The doctor said I have to keep my hands off it for weeks. Recently I noticed a small amount of clear sticky fluid that oozes out about seconds after I orgasm.

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Adding this info would direct everyone to cheaper and superior product to use instead of all that expensive stuff. It is not weird for you to want to discuss sexual topics with her.

You ought to be developing your

Since then we haven't talked about anything regarding masturbation or orgasms. Drink a lot more water for the next few days and see if the extra flushing of your urinary tract makes a difference.

Be ready to catch it when it happens.

Really, the filthier the fantasy the better. Every time I masturbate using my imagination purely, I have to touch myself to get aroused, and sometimes even that doesn't work.

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The doctor has obviously dealt with this situation before. The doctor will probably assume you have a sexually transmitted disease. If you have specific questions, feel free to post them.

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