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Beetles british isles yahoo dating, anyone know anything about nettle weevil?

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The colour of these scales varies in many species, including P. Typically it has coppery scales but it can be greenish and it has femoral teeth.

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Numerous images are posted on the Web, but not all are correctly named. It is a frequent and sometimes conspicuous species on patches of Stinging Nettle Urtica dioica and is the common, green-coloured weevil on this plant. The genus is characterised by a scaly pubescence or by the tiny, metallic scales, which in most species coat the entire dorsal surface of the insect. Characters are taken from Linssen op.

Vital characters for confirmation of P. Individuals are often numerous and so relatively conspicuous on nettle colonies in early summer. It includes a short section on weevils of nettles that includes P. However, its legs are yellow and its antennae are rust-coloured or red.

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It is by no means the only green weevil of metallic appearance and even on nettles it is readily confused with other species. In continental Europe, Chlorophanus is another, similar genus.

Anyone know anything about nettle weevil?

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Vascular plants and the beetles associated with them, in Cooter, J. The larvae are root feeders, presumably on the same host. Phyllobius pomaceus on Urtica dioica, Weardale, Co. With age, more of the black ground colour is revealed as the scales are rubbed off. The majority are leaf-eaters, hookup charlotte nc non-specifically on various trees.

Northern and western Europe, extending into northern Asia. Misidentified images include those claiming the species on host plants other than Urtica.