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That is, we can often determine the relevance and sufficiency of evidence even if we do not know whether the premises are true. If one realizes that one is being asked to concede the original point, one should refuse to do so, even if the point being asked is a reputable belief.

The contrary of a questionable assumption is not an unquestionable assumption. The conclusion of this argument is that paranormal phenomena exist. It has sometimes been said that in a sense, all deductively valid arguments beg the question.

Linguistic variations in syntax, sentence structure and literary device may conceal it, as may other factors involved in an argument's delivery. Just because, for example, some people believe that vaccines cause autism does not make the claim that vaccines don't cause autism a questionable claim. The rights of the minority are every bit as sacred as the rights of the majority, for the majority's rights have no greater value than those of the minority. If we are unable to determine whether the premises of an argument are warranted, we may still be able to go on and evaluate the reasoning of the argument. Or, we may conclude that an argument is not a good one even if its premises turn out to be true.

The following argument begs the question. Since a good argument must be based on true or reasonable assumptions, it follows that arguments based upon false or questionable assumptions are not good arguments. Here Marshall commits the fallacy of argument to ignorance. But it is not improper to require that the assumptions of an argument be warranted or, if not, stated as conditional or provisional.

The classic and simplest form of this fallacy is called arguing in a circle. We should be thinking about the rights of the baby. The conclusion is rephrased to look different and is then placed in the premises. Rather, the questioner falsely thought that a non-self-explanatory fact about the world was an explanatory first principle.

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People who deny the truth of Marxism are simply dancing to the tune of their capitalist masters, as Marx understood so well. In short, a successful resolution of such a fallacy requires a firm grasp of the correct explanatory powers of things. The conclusion of the argument is entailed in its premises.

The conclusion of this argument is that a god exists. Africa is the largest continent because it has the largest area of any continent. The argument may clarify concepts we are fuzzy on, or introduce new material we were ignorant of, or make us aware of material that should be included in an argument on the topic at hand. Finally, do not consider an assumption unwarranted simply because you do not know whether it is true. Thoughts are not part of the physical world, since thoughts are in their nature non-physical.

Your lack of knowledge does not make a claim questionable. Here is another example of begging the question. Paranormal phenomena exist because I have had experiences that can only be described as paranormal. Abortion is the unjustified killing of a human being and as such is murder. There truly are very few claims that are unquestionably true in the sense of not possibly being false.

The arguer should not be granted the assumption that his experiences were paranormal, but should be made to provide support for this questionable claim. The smoke from cigarettes is a carcinogen. In this argument, the arguer should not be granted the assumption that abortion is murder, but should be made to provide support for this controversial claim.

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The following is another example of begging the question. Also, don't assume that just because consensus claims in science are questioned by some people that such questioning implies that the consensus claim is questionable. We may conclude our evaluation of an argument sometimes by saying that an argument would be a good one if its premises are true. Happiness is the highest good for a human being, since all other values are inferior to it.