His parents felt the same way

Black guy dating mexican girl

This is something that I have grown use to this last year with my boyfriend. As a romantic, I feel that everything will work out. His parents felt the same way. Going into an interracial relationship, I wish I would have known how easy it was. Sometimes I get the occasional black guy that will give me a dirty look as if I am trying may hardest to offend him and every other black man in the area, which I am not.

That being said, there are things that I do slightly worry about the future. All of the stares from strangers are worth being with the one you love. Most of the time we even forget our relationship is considered abnormal. So, I am in the relationship for him, not for their looks. But overall I have found most of it to be nothing but positivity.

That being said there are things

There are historically black organization and historically Hispanic one, too.

Both pairs were surprised at first, but have been warm to each of us. When they ask me who I am dating, their ears immediately perk up to the sound of his Hispanic last name when I state his name, and I immediately notice the surprised look on their face. The only affiliation my boyfriend and I had in common, and how we met, was through Greek life. He has taught me how to salsa and much of the Mexican culture as I have taught him mine. Because we are at such a diverse college with a small Greek life, on campus we have not really encountered any huge confrontation or uproar due to our relatiomship.

We both come from different cultures, but I believe it makes our relationship stronger and balanced. That could just be because there are so few of us compared to other races. They expect me to be dating an African American man and are taken aback when I state otherwise. Like every relationship, two people that love each other are trying to be more and more connected. These are some of all the different things I wonder, but, luckily, I have a man kind enough and patient enough to help and teach me along the way.

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