Koo, which was a surprise hit

Bosco wong and linda chung dating

Hopes to Reunite in Series The two's onscreen couple image has left a deep impression on people. Koo, which was a surprise hit.

Afterwards, his performance as a socially inept youth in Dicey Business earned him even more exposure and recognition as a rising actor. Okay as long as everyone likes it. When the cameras were not rolling, the cast happily toured the Disneyland attractions and took many pictures.

Saying it as though I have many. Although Linda insisted that she was only friends with Philip, the pair were frequently photographed on dates together.

He pointed out that the circulated photo was from a long time ago.

Although Linda insisted that she was

As a result, Linda could only conduct her romance underground. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited. Besides expanding in films, Bosco has also stretched his acting experience to outside production houses notably from mainland China. He was spotted on the street by a talent-recruiter and soon appear for the first time in a lemon tea commercial and several minor modelling jobs. Linda will be holding a concert soon, while Bosco will be opening a restaurant.

The two are supporting each other. Was frightened by everyone's reaction.

Saying it as though