Love has never been more delicious

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Taylor has not been in any marital relationship with women. Paige gets Tyler breathing again and they are rescued by Mark. Personal Life Taylor is not married yet. He moves in with Mark and gets a job at the local garage.

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But after Paige encouraged Tyler to get to know Imogen better, they bonded. Tyler agrees to wear a wire and meet with Michelle, in return for the charges against him being dropped. Tyler was then forced to tell her that he just wanted to be friends.

The movie Palo Alto was quite well received at the box office. Tyler confesses to the police about hitting Hamish and he is charged with manslaughter, but the charge is later upgraded to murder.

Paige helps Tyler to find the stolen items and he kisses her, but Paige assures him that she loves his brother. Tyler is trapped in a lift with Paige when a fire breaks out at Erinsborough High. Piper admits that she has feelings for Tyler, but he tells her he would only bring her trouble and he begins dating Courtney Grixti Emma Lane.