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Once inside, you can take your seat on one of the many wooden benches in the modest sized seating area. The latent chemist in him reasons as to why this bread is healthier. Parthasarathy Rao It was an awesome experience with Smart Puja.

Khari biscuits, yet another year-round Yazdani specialty. Really happy and satisfied with the overall process.

Panditji was very helpful and knowledgeable. Regulars, however, swear by the multi-grain bread and ginger biscuits and rum-soaked plum cakes that are popular during Christmas. We will definitely use Smart Puja again and will recommend it to all my start up founders and others. She not only helps in gaining confidence in the subject but also develops a bonding with her students that helps in developing an interest in the subject. From the beginning till the end people and pandit were very friendly and respectful.

Khari biscuits yet

We really felt very happy after the Puja. Starting right from the booking of the Puja to the detailed information shared for the preparation and finally the Puja ceremony.

The Panditjis were knowledgeable, co-operative and disciplined. The name Yazdani originates from the town of Yazd, which is the capital of the Yazd Province in Iran, and a hub of Iranian culture. It was only in the s that Yazdani shifted focus to being a bakery and boulangerie after his grandfather had died. The sheer size of the ovens and bags of flour are enough to leave you speechless.

He brought all required materials for the Puja and whole event was organized without any hassle. The Pandit was on time and looked very experienced in conducting such Puja. For the first three decades Yazdani served dhansak, dal rice, kheema pav, biryani and other such staple Irani fare. Pandit was very well behaved and knowledgeable.

The Panditjis also gave explanations for each rituals during the course of the Puja. Bread, biscuits and brun pav The Yazdani bakery is tucked into a by-lane in Fort and is quite easy to miss, given the unassuming exterior. Our one stop solution encompasses every aspect of Hindu religious ceremonies providing the best Puja experience with Verified and Experienced Pandits and Purohits.

Aarti is located in Old Airport Road, Bangalore. At the end of it all it gave a great sense of satisfaction. The Puja was completed within the auspicious hours.

Really happy and satisfied with