Shin watches in his living room

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She wants to become someone who can help him and for that she will need some time. She thought Se Joo was like her and different than Miranda. The fact that this drama even created so much narrative mess that it could plausibly have an open ending is in itself a sheer joke. The program ends and everyone happily congratulates each other.

Shin asks what about

Yoo-jung is known for falling in love at the drop of a hat, whether its idols or real boys. Mi Rae walks back into the bookstore and pauses right by the door as she sees someone. The Chairman of Hom Group is raging as this news program airs. Mi Rae and Oppa get dressed up to go to a dinner with Se Joo and Miranda who cuts to the chase and says to set a wedding date since everyone knows about them already.

He got money and fame and became news anchor, head of the news department, head of the network. Shin asks what about Na Mi Rae. Se Joo watches this from his office.

The value formula is really complex, and can vary on a per case basis, depending on what the criminal did with the file. It was about how choice can change how outcomes, not about making different choices to avoid problems.

He got money

Future Mi Rae and Shin sit and watch the news together. Stalling fucked his life up by doing the unthinkable. Shin starts to report the news. She is so happy but future Mi Rae is so ashamed and says he must be so angry at her. How about an entire story worth of information, dude.

Mi Rae hands the new script to Writer Bae and Yoo Kyung and begs them to help her air this segment tomorrow. Miranda chews out Se Joo for what he did and asks how he is going to take responsibility. Future Mi Rae says that if one wants to escape fate, one is still being controlled by it.

Se Joo closes her hand with the ring and tells her to keep it. She also got the confirmation from Se Joo that he would have fallen for her definitely if he met her first in Jeju.

Everyone seems fine and dandy. Mi Rae arrives at the hospital room and sees future Mi Rae crying and hears that future Kim Shin is alive and waiting for her. Mi Rae goes to work and starts gathering information. Future Mi Rae watches from her hospital room.

Why should she since he was so mean to her. The man whose son died watches it and says thank you, thank you.

He sees people protesting outside in support of him. He is also first in his class.