Buzzfeed 11 signs you are dating

Buzzfeed 11 signs you are dating

She's sent to a depressing foster care facility until a family court hearing. Detective Benson says she thinks schizophrenics should be forcibly medicated to keep themselves and the public safe. To keep up appearances, the quarterback was also dating a supermodel who was unaware of his sexuality. Benson meant well, and emotional abuse is definitely a serious issue, but she wasted the department's time and resources and gained nothing from it.

He is offered the opportunity to testify to avoid going to prison for assault, but in order to testify, he has to take the medication he doesn't want. When Calvin's mother finally comes to get her son back, Benson accuses her of taking Calvin in order to get revenge on her. When an investigation implicates Calvin's mother in a murder case, Captain Cragen takes Benson off the case because she's too close to it. In the end, the girl sees Benson as an enemy, not an ally, and she ends up back at home with parents who have learned nothing from the ordeal. When Benson learns the parents are putting their daughter through a medical treatment to stunt her growth, she accuses them of abusing her.

At the start of the investigation, their strongest piece of evidence is the rental car the girl was found in. At first, they suspect a schizophrenic man who refuses to take medication. The parents try to defend their decision, saying they need to be able to carry their daughter so her body gets enough circulation, but Benson isn't having any of it. One of the victims is schizophrenic. Although Detective Benson was not the one who made the deal, she made clear her position about forcibly medicating the mentally ill.

Because the abuse is emotional notThey go off their

But Benson should have been more careful with such sensitive information. From the get-go, both detectives are skeptical of the woman's claim. But Benson disobeys his orders and goes looking for Calvin's mother anyway. She showed no sympathy for a man who feared the side effects of anti-psychotics, and he ended up dead. She never thinks that maybe the mother just wants her son back.

Because the abuse is emotional, not physical, and the parents are absent or uncooperative, Detective Benson struggles to get the case off the ground. They go off their meds and the next thing you know, they either become the victim of a crime or they commit one. After he is medicated, he commits suicide.

However, Benson and Stabler fail to realize that the perp could have stolen the car right back after he returned it. Benson finally takes the extreme measure of removing the girl from her home.