Get the scoop in the video, above

Carla and tom rodriguez dating apps

Bid a fond farewell by checking out some more end-of-the-year fun in the Clubhouse, below. And you won't believe where they once got it on clip above. Although they are ready, there are still a lot of things that they are busy doing now in their respective lives.

And you won't

This show is awaited by fans for its intriguing story ad well as the comedy flavor that was put. You need to see Lopez's reaction in the video, above. They have been together since and until now they are still full of love for each other.

This means that the two stars already started talking about the possibility of them getting married. Back then, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez had yet to start dating. However, she added that there is still no specifics regarding on when and where they will be getting married.

Press play on the above video, and prepare to squirm especially if you're Kate or Oliver Hudson. But, fans should not get their hopes up as Carla thinks it would not happen anytime soon. Fans will be delighted to know that two of their favorite Kapuso stars will sooner or later end up together for real. Instagram According to the actress, they have been doing their best to prepare both of them financially, mentally, and emotionally.

Just when you think you know someone, Queen Latifah spills some major tea. From being a love team in the hit television show my My Destiny, the two later on developed feelings towards one another and became a couple afterwards. Thankfully, there are people like Zoe Kravitz in the world who will always tell it like it is. Watch Pink reflect on their years-long beef during a round of Plead the Fifth, above. Aside from that, Carla is also busy in her new show Pamilya Roces.

Get the scoop in the video, above. The actress also said that she might be a strict mom because she admired the way her grandmother raised her. You often hear about on-set feuds, but they're rarely ever confirmed.

Instagram For now however, Carla is focusing on building her dream home before she settles down in the near future. Relive all of the juiciest tidbits, below.

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