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She apparently was also friends with Misty. Carly first appeared on screen in film titled The Consultants. However, the name of her boyfriend is not disclosed. She also tried herself as a screenwriter and producer for several short films. She gets money from holding a trance party to get a tattoo of Evan's face on her back.

She has never made the headlines

Time to go dress shopping. She also is an active person in charity and usually helped to charitable organization National Alliance on Mental Illness. But let us make you clear that the beautiful hacker from Mr. Therefore, no information is available regarding her current dating status, affair, and information about the breakup with her partner.

Recently the couple went to watch the basketball game of great street warriors on their anniversary. Kenzie faked a pregnancy last year to get out of earth science. Her outfits consist of very fashionable expensive pieces that are often revealing.

She has long, straight blonde hair. Personality Edit Dalia can be described as an air-headed, catty, wealthy, gossipy, conceited, sassy, stuck-up and mean-spirited, spoiled rotten teenage girl. Social Media Profile She is active in social media.

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She has never made the headlines with the rumors or information about her love life. It is unknown if she still harbors feelings towards Jenna. She seemed so real in the character that we suspected she must be that tough and difficult to love. The beautiful actress, Carly Chaikin is so popular for her professional life that her personal life has got overshadowed.