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With some songs, the lyrics don't tell the whole story. Contact Shira Links Search this Site. Therefore, an a capella song may contain a religious theme, and it's best to research the lyrics translation and other background about the song before using it with dance.

Best Answer - Chosen by Voting. Several hours later, the rescue team concluded they would not be able to save the sailors. Once a performance moves into using Christian music, it ceases to be true belly dance. For example, a song whose lyrics accuse another person of being a liar and a cheat would usually be a poor choice for a wedding, anniversary party, or engagement party. There's no harm in dancing to this song, and so long as the song remains popular Egyptians might like hearing a dancer use it, but non-Egyptians might think it an odd choice and not relate to it.

Many belly dancers think it is appropriate for dance performances because it has been recorded by two bands that have also recorded belly dance music. The lyrics speak of homesickness, of missing one's country. It probably wouldn't offend anybody to see an Oriental dance performance to this song, but they'd probably think it a very odd choice. The lyrics represent a protest against the racism that dark-skinned people experience in France. Massacres of civilians often targeted entire neighborhoods or villages, and were shockingly brutal.

The war finally ended for the most part with the surrender of rebel factions, but some fighting has continued in some areas. Audience members who suffered under the civil war, or know people who did, might not respond favorably to seeing a dancer with a sexy bare belly waving a weapon around to this anti-war song. However, a passionate interpretive theatrical dance by a dark-skinned performer could be very beautiful. More resolved questions for learning Arabic Which Arabic is taught on the following website?


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Some Arab artists have recorded Christmas hymns in Arabic. The lyrics of this song consist of a woman telling the man in her life that she has quit loving him. Performed for restaurants, birthday parties, weddings, belly dance gatherings, haflas, city festivals, etc.

The music consists solely of vocals, or perhaps occasionally background percussion. For that reason, it would be a poor choice for a wedding, engagement, or anniversary party. This could also be considered a madeh because Ahmed is one of the names of the Prophet, and therefore the song is a song of praise for the Prophet. This is the Muslim call to prayer. There usually is not any sort of identifiable rhythm.


Some mawwal are secular and perfectly acceptable for dance performances. Turkish audience members might be quite dismayed by a performer who uses this song for typical Oriental dance, but an interpretive theatrical piece that honors the sailors might be successful.

It probably wouldn't offend anybody, but audience members might be puzzled by a decision to use it. If you wish to translate articles from Shira. Some songs are perfectly appropriate for performances in general situations such as haflas, restaurant gigs, nursing homes, city festivals, etc. However, an interpretive theatrical dance that honors the song's subject could be beautiful. Contact Shira for more information.

Carole Samaha - Wahshani baladi. Is this song about Palaestina? Some people might think this an odd choice for a man. Uses a typical belly dance costume. However, hindi movies sites without paying some of the lyrics have been perceived as having political overtones.

It appears on this list to reassure dancers that despite the political interpretation of the lyrics, it's perfectly acceptable to use this song in a dance performance. For that reason, they are definitely very religious in nature, and it would be extremely offensive to use one in a dance performance. There is a huge body of Middle Eastern music that is perfect for belly dance. It's almost never acceptable for a dancer, especially a woman, to do a performance to Islamic religious music, particularly if there are men in the audience. Christian Music Some Christian communities accept the idea of dancers performing to Christian hymns, perhaps as part of a special holiday pageant.

The song may have been widely played in its country of origin as a response to a tragic event. You may not post translations of Shira's articles on anybody else's web site, not even your own. In the lyrics of this song, the narrator tells her man that she no longer loves him. It would be extrenely offensive to use this song in a dance performance. It should be acceptable to perform an Oriental style dance to this song, embracing the romantic interpretation of the lyrics, but the song may have another level of meaning for some audience members.

Imagine how audiences would react if a white-skinned person from another country who was unaware of the song's civil rights connotations were to do a sexy burlesque dance to it. An example of a song from this genre would be Ahmed Ya Habibi. Never do a dance performance to this.

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This song would probably be a risky choice for a light-skinned dancer. However, it could be fun to use it in restaurants, haflas, and other situations. Many people consider this to be the anthem of the Romany people. Originally Posted by Redwitch.

Using this in a dance performance would be deeply offensive to Muslims. Even if they murder me, or even if they put me in jail. There are ways a light-skinned dancer could make this song work, but it's a good idea to give careful thought to how to do that.

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