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We were always in awe of New York and Broadway. As the series goes on, she deals with issues like cyber danger, sexually transmitted diseases, and eating disorders. It was such a big deal for me. And I think that level of respect was a huge part of us being able to trust each other. Then to find out that she saw it and loved it so much was, again, sort of a bonus.

She currently works as a real estate agent and remains active on Instagram. Titanic, The Lion King, all those cassettes. To love each other, to hate each other on stage.

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Obviously when you see the show you see how they created the songs and that they were still very true to her style. She remains close with several of her Degrassi co-stars, in particular Adamo Ruggiero.

Although Gerry did have a flirtation with heights. The one thing my whole family kind of agreed on was theater. We still have all our old playbills. Nina Dobrev joined the cast as a regular in season six, playing Mia Jones, a single mom who embarks on a modeling career.