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They placed fourth in the compulsory and original dances. Dancing Whether it's choreographing a new program or taking a new dance class, we love this form of self-expression and we're always trying to grow as dancers. Championships but did qualify to the U. The couple also attributes their quest for top prizes as being a major factor in their romantic relationship.

They finished fourth in their senior Grand Prix debut, at the Skate America. Chock reinjured her ankle in the final moments of the warm-up before the short dance. They would win the national novice title at the U. They won their sectional championship to qualify for the U. International Classic and then won gold at the Nebelhorn Trophy.

Music Music is so important to us when we're out on the ice - it gives us something to connect to. In the time since they became an ice dancing couple, the two have won one gold medal and three silver medals at the U. But actually, this is my best friend. But we also use music off the ice to relax, to inspire, or just to make it through that afternoon workout.

The team went on to win

Bates stepped on the back of Samuelson's hand after she fell shortly into the free dance, severing a tendon. They won the silver medal at the U. At their event in Taipei, they placed second in the compulsory dance and won the original and free dances to win the gold medal overall. They were placed on the team to the World Junior Championships. Charity Staying involved in our community is a passion of ours and the best way we know how is by joining charitable causes.

Championships earned them a trip to the World Junior Championships. At their second event, they won both the compulsory and original dances, but placed second in the free dance, to win the gold medal overall.

After taking the bronze medal at the U. We are available to teach seminars and clinics.

Championships and were named in the U. These medals qualified them for the Junior Grand Prix Final. It feels completely genuine and real. However, they were forced to withdraw from the competition in the middle of their free dance due to injury.

At Junior Worlds, they won all three segments of the competition and won the title overall. At Junior Worlds, they were in second place going into the free dance.

At the Junior Grand Prix

At the Junior Grand Prix Final, they placed third in the compulsory dance and second in the original and free dances to win the silver medal overall. The team went on to win the silver at the Grand Prix Final in December and then their first senior national title, at the U. Judging from this Instagram, it looks like Henry and Stella might be just as chummy as their human counterparts. We really enjoy seeing new countries, meeting new people, and learning about new cultures.

It makes training so much more fun and it brings us closer together every day. In January, they ranked second in the short dance and first in the free dance at the U.