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In Czech with English subtitles. Cues to perceived trustworthiness in Facebook profiles. Evidence from a cross-lagged panel study in Germany. An examination of interpersonal adaptation. How romantic couples use the media for relationship management.

Conclusions from a systematic narrative review. After the Communist takeover, the Sechtls lived in constant fear of losing their studio and their family's treasured, irreplaceable archive of photographs dating back to the late-nineteenth century. The intensifying effect of media on self-other asymmetries regarding deception. Facebook self-presentation and relational longevity among college-aged dating couples.

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This is a portrait of the Sudeten German Karel Saisser, a prosperous and demanding farmer who lived with his wife and three daughters near the spa town of Velichovky. But the Nazi occupation of Sudetenland forever changed all that, turning neighbor against neighbor and friend into foe. But nothing, not even show trials and prison, could extinguish their profound love. Patterns and effects on emotional well-being.

This is a portrait

Effects of Facebook self-presentation on implicit self-esteem and cognitive task performance. The role of visual and verbal information.