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Really loving the work you guys have put into this incredibly informative and interesting website. Care to let me know some of the challenges that I will encounter? This is an excellent website. This tube will be in between the sight glass and the cross.

During the exchange water in the gel with ethanol, how can I determine the gel has only ethanol as solvent? Hello i am a mechanical engg. Yes, this can happen as well.

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Think of a large truss mostly empty space versus a pyramid solid stone. What could the particles be mixed with to make a clear coating to paint on glass to test the increased thermal properties? Recently I found critical point dryer in my university. Hi, I am working with nanocellulose aerogels which I extract from tropical seeds found in Ecuador.

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Currently we have a psi brass pop safety valve and are thinking of purchasing a burst disk in a similar range. But the days of aerogel replacing Styrofoam are still a ways off but not far. Thank you very much for your response, Stephen!


Why Civil Engineering Building Materials? Here you can find objective type Civil Engineering Building Materials questions and answers for interview and entrance examination. How to solve Civil Engineering Building Materials problems?

Just got interested by aerogels for something practical and found a lot of information. Perhaps a cement adhesive could be mixed in to seal any casing weaknesses or flaws caused by the blowout.

Classified Objective Type Questions for U. Could you perhaps restate what your objective is? You could use aerogel blankets or granules to make a superinsulating snuggy-type blanket or cushion, for example.

Civil Engineering Questions and Answers

Second, during the exchange water in the gel with ethanol, how can I determine the gel has only ethanol as solvent? Then we did the drying in Tousimis dryer under supercritical conditions. By the way, I use proof absolute ethanol to extract water from the gel. Also any suggestions on which specific aerogel to use?

You would definitely need a mechanically strong aerogel for such an application and something with some elastic compliance so it could be stretch and tolerate impacts. After the exchanges are done, cut the gel open and see if the dye has penetrated into the interior of the gel. For most buildings, existing insulation is cheap and good enough given the cost difference. One of the research papers dealing with the physics of this stuff is S.

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Silver oxide may be tough to get monolithic. We have decided to have project about Aerogel and we are going to produce it for heat and sound isolation.

Remember, aerogels are a diverse class of materials! If my diffusion has some problems, what can I do to improve it?

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Well in this type of scenario it is difficult to predict what would happen. Is there information in the open literature that answers these questions? If you have any specific questions, feel free to post them here.

Aerogels are open porous materials. Could graphene aerogel be created as a closed cell construction?

Happy to help further if you have more specific input or questions! Current Affairs Interview Questions and Answers.


But the sample was still cloud like in body and blue smoke like at the edge. We all appreciate these tips and tutorials!