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During the nine months of pregnancy, the fetus undergoes remarkable changes. This information may become important later in trying to decide what treatment is best to recommend.

Most surgeons agree that it is ideal to have the surgery over and healed before the infant starts to try and walk. It affects the bones, muscles, tendons and blood vessels of the limb and can affect one or both feet. This may range from mild and flexible to serious and rigid. There may also be changes to the ankle joint, the bones of the foot, and the muscles a well. The medical term for clubfoot is Congenital Talipes Equinovarus.

Most surgeons recommend waiting until the foot is about eight cm three inches long. With this particular birth defect, the shape of the foot is altered so that it points downward and is turned in. After Surgery After surgery for clubfoot, a large bandage is applied to the foot. Smooth stretching and recasting in every week would be helpful to improve the position of the foot. This fluid is sent to the lab for analysis.

Today, most information suggests that clubfoot is hereditary, meaning that it runs in families. Troy Aikman played professional football and he was born with clubfoot. Until recently, most experts believed that the deformity was due to the foot being stuck in the wrong position in the womb. In developing countries where there is sometimes no treatment for conditions such as this, adults with clubfoot walk on the side of their foot.