Code dating machines

Code dating machines

Preza T Inkjet Coder The Preza T tabletop inkjet coder is an exceptionally versatile and powerful inkjet coding solution. Individual alphanumeric type provided to compose almost any type of information that you wish to mark. We are always ready to serve you with all the support you need for your application. It can run Black, White, Yellow, Blue or Red ink and will print multiple lines of solid character text on any non-porous surface. The range of Carton Coders is offered to the clients at competitive market prices within a predetermined time-frame in secured packing.

It is a very versatile date code printer. If you have larger, more complicated codes and you want the ability to see them easier on your screen then the P is for you. With font sizes available from as small as. The P uses the same fluids as the Mini and will also print on anything. Your Enquiry has been sent successfully.

Preza T Inkjet Coder TheIndividual alphanumeric type

In the process the type gets re-inked as it passes below the ink roller and is ready for use again. Likewise, it has all the automatic function bells and whistles. It is equipped with a tension spring that returns the marker to its zero position after every stroke. Carton Coder manufactured by the company is in demand for outstanding user-friendly applications, simple operation and durability features.

For your Date Coding needs, Superior delivers rock-bottom pricing on only the most advanced, low maintenance industrial inkjet coders. Automatic Carton Coders are in huge demand for its effective operation thus accelerating the marking process. It is specifically for porous substrate coding. It prints a beautiful, crisp code in either black or white at your discretion so you can run clear jars, white tubs, amber bottles, etc.