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Via Trading also lays stress on working with small business owners such as those who set up at flea markets. Instead, liquidators prefer to buy easy-to-move products with a long shelf life, such as power tools, books, toys and building materials.

Even when liquidators do provide a grade, the accuracy of the grading will vary very widely. All that can easily get forgotten in the excitement of the auction.

The platform has traditionally been targeted towards large retail chains to help them liquidate their returns inventory and to recover their costs. My company, for example, will not do business with you unless you have one. As an alternative, it can sell its entire inventory to a liquidator, who will pay a lower price for the products but will take possession of them and pay for them immediately.

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Buying from one of the top wholesale liquidators allows them to get these products cheaper than their market price. This happens, for example, after Christmas or Black Friday where stores tend to clear out some of their inventory after seeing the response of customers and tracking what sells best.

This is where wholesale liquidation companies step in. We look forward to working with you on future projects.

The big-box toy retailer's demise was years in the making. It can be a real profit center if someone is willing to buy all the Christmas lights and then wait until October or November of the following year to sell them. These products need to be moved on. But people need to do their research before they jump into the world of liquidation. Depending on the load that they get, there can be a lot of profit to be made.

However, the lot sizes are much smaller and there is a detailed manifest listing the exact products included in the lot, along with their condition or grade. Things like that are going to change the nature of the liquidation business over the coming years.