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He has turned his house into a museum for the benefit of history buffs. He found it in when he settled his cabinet and government-in-exile here in the city at the address now known as Ave. There is a large central depot for intercity buses in the south side of the city. The retired teacher at Kayamkulam has enviable collection of currency notes from around the world. Even house bears the stamp of a bygone era.

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He would collect different currency notes from the money exchange centers. The Feria Fair of Santa Rita, known throughout the Republic, is held during the last two weeks of May and features internationally known recording artists in concert.

Eavenson does not seem to have continued as a coin collector after the sale. Tiny furrows form on the surface, generally from the edge toward the center, caused by minute imperfections on the surface of the die. Die erosion is used by collectors more so than mint workers, but, of course, anyone can use any term any time when appropriate. The theme of wear is vitally important to collectors in determining Condition.

It also has exhibits of prehistoric art. Borunda is crossed in the west by the Periferico de la Juventud, a major limited-access highway running north-and-south. When he went to Saudi Arabia as a teacher, he hunted for collectibles.

On display are currency notes from more than countries and coins that have survived millennia. He eventually obtained memberships in international societies. The city is renowned for its classical and modern sculpture, as seen on any main boulevard or avenue. The fair has been held annually for decades. His treasure chest is an investment in historical research.

Among them are rare items such as a German silk currency, a mammoth Russian ruble and currencies printed on materials as varied as bark and golf foil. Continued use of the die causes very minute rounding of edges of detail and lettering.