Consolidating airline miles

Consolidating airline miles

If I had done things

According to MoneyWeek, since miles are like currency, inflation could set in. Think of air miles as a form of currency. Tip Avoid waiting too long before redeeming or combining miles.

Since I currently have the most miles on Alaska it makes sense for me to try and earn more Alaska miles. According to Geekeroo, some of the reward points can have an expiration date. The points on Priority club and the American Air miles are not enough to get anything much. Combining air miles with other frequent flyer miles not from the same airline is possible if the airlines are partners under one umbrella alliance.

Most airlines and hotels have partners that you can earn points on. Whats more with the points spread around I risk the chance of them expiring or otherwise never being used.

If you funnel all your airline and hotel stays into one mile or point program then you can cash in quicker and make better use of your rewards. If I had done things right then I could have earned all those points towards my Alaska miles balance rather than having them spread around. So the trick is to find which airline or hotel you want to get your points on and then try to earn points for that everywhere you can. New to the space, MileWise aims to solve the age-old dilemma of whether you should buy that last-minute ticket to Bali using cash, miles, or points.

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