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Cyberdating tips

Think about it for a second. This does not mean that you should say nothing about what you seek, just don't overdo it.

Blow them awayDo not kiss at the

While you may be eager to hook up with the Mr. Let them Decide Try to avoid writing an profile that is just a long list of characteristics you seek in a mate. Tell them about you and let them decide if they might be a match. Write a poem, a story, or a riddle perhaps.

Tips For Cyberdating Never post your real name. An exact match may not be what you really want. Creativity and the ability to show it are sexy.

Back then it was mostly computer geeks. If you have a great sense of humor, use humor in your profile. If you are creative or artistic, give us a colorful and creative description of yourself.

When meeting for the first time, tell a friend where you'll be be, and for how long. In Richmond, Virginia, at least two men were robbed by two brothers after being lured to alleged meetings by a woman in an Internet chat room. It's best to write your profile using a text editor with a spell checker. Singles today have incredibly busy lives.

Besides your photo, your profile is all that you have to introduce you to the reader. Show and Tell Singles looking for a partner want to know the same things about you that you want to know about them. Don't be in a rush to meet in person.

Let Your Personality Shine Let your personality out. It's easy to make up an identity in cyberspace. Then, take some time to type your profile using a word processor.

You can become whomever you want. Are you looking to make new friends, or are you looking to settle down. Now it's like the Wild Wild West.

Blow them away with a profile consisting entirely of movie titles, one after another, that describes you. Do not kiss at the first meeting. Write your profile in a word processing program and run the spell checker on it. If you're not sure that your profile is all that it should be, ask a friend to read it for you.

That way you can use the editing tools so you get it just right. That doesn't excite anyone. You only have so much space to make a great impression. And in South Carolina a year-old-man was carjacked by his Internet date working in cahoots with a partner.