He says he needs more time

Dating 6 months not in love

Trust me when I say that change is on the way. When a relationship is solid and destined for greatness, you wake up in the morning thinking about her and fall asleep at night with her on your mind. Beware of the wandering eye syndrome.

Trust me when I

If he doesn't want to move in together after a year, it's totally over. It could be bad or good, but it is inevitable that the fundamental nature of the relationship will transform once you enter the second half of your first year together. We're all on our own journeys in life and love. Have the courage to believe that something better is out there. Without overemphasizing the occasion, plan a special night out with your girlfriend.

Family vacations, sibling rivalries, athletic and academic achievements are likely topics of conversation at any time in a relationship - including the first six months. The reaction displayed on both sides is crucial. Even after all your pressure and unnecessary freak-outs. There is no comfort zone in the first few months, as couples begin to adjust to each other and deal with new habits and moods. The sex is even pretty decent.

Because chances are there's someone else out there who's a better match for them than you are, too. It's somewhat early - usually in the first year, and sometimes in the first few weeks.

When a relationship

Demand awe and inspiration-not all the time, but at least with some regularity. Bill has been completely honest about how fast he's willing to move, yet you keep pushing him.