Not making a choice, is a choice

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Find out whether you would be able to receive some kind of support from your spouse. But, neither does the life you have now. Yes, there are people who will judge you harshly if you get divorced. In the end, of course, the choice you make is up to you. Maybe if you get divorced you will be totally screwed.

Meet with a job recruiter, or scan the internet for job postings. That same kind of fear can paralyze you from moving forward with a divorce. Divorce is full of uncertainty. Yet, you know that you will be more miserable while you are going through a divorce.

You also pay a price in your health and well-being, since you probably have to work extra hard to pick up the slack and make ends meet. See what kind of employment options you really have. Staying married is a choice.

But the thought of having to go to court and deal with all that conflict makes you want to throw up. The same is true if your spouse is verbally or emotionally abusive. Either way, once you have the facts, you can start to weigh your options and make a plan of action.

Ultimately, you will have to choose what is right for you. It is life-changing and gut-wrenching. The answer of course, is up to you. Staying married is easier. If you are married to a gambler, a spendthrift, or someone who is chronically unemployed, the price you pay for remaining married is your financial stability.

But neither does the life you

Just because they may be staying married, that does not necessarily mean that they are happy, or that they are satisfied with their lives. Getting divorced is a choice. Obviously, you will never know for sure what will happen in your divorce, or how it will turn out, until you get divorced.

Find out whether you would be

You sit motionless in the dark, with every hair on standing on end. Maybe getting a divorce will end up being the best decision you ever made. Some people are afraid of alienating their family.

Staying married is stable. It is also a losing proposition.