Unless you just don't care

Dating after 30 ecards about work

Yet, I tried to make the best of it, until he made a pass at me in the elevator. After everything posted, I got a flood of responses from men.

You will need to fold the sheet to create the card. Insert the paper with the image facing down and away from the paper tray. You will need to insert the paper into your printer twice then fold it in half in order to produce your finished card.

And go easy on the hair

For God's sake, it's speed dating. Thus began a long period of mourning, in which I helped usher my two daughters into adulthood, and devoted more attention to my career.

It was good for the ego

And go easy on the hair product. It was good for the ego at first, but turned out not to be a lasting relationship.

We dated for a couple of months. Still, the draw is strong.