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Charter Arms, however, fitted the firing pin of the Undercover in the frame. Operations were moved to Shelton, Connecticut. All the Charter revolvers have a universal grip frame and all factory-made grips are interchangeable. Finally, the machined barrel had eight-groove rifling instead of six-groove, which improved the bullet seal and resulted in higher velocities and better accuracy potential. An exclusive offering by Charter Arms is a variation called the Southpaw.

Better Backup Charter Arms. Back in the day, some police departments issued female officers revolvers chambered for the milder-shooting.

The barrels also have a rib on top with an integral front ramp sight. One of my favorite concealment handguns is the. The guns are either chambered for. Another option is stainless steel.

District of Columbia, a clear victory for our Second Amendment rights. The company also offers durable locking handgun cases in three different styles. The action itself had fewer major moving parts than its competitors, plus it had a shorter hammer throw, making the lock time faster.

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In addition to reintroducing the. There are only two versions available at this time, one with a blue finish and a Pink Lady with a pink-anodized frame and satin-nickel-finished steel parts. They are black neoprene with finger grooves and checkered panels on the sides. Of course, there are more revolvers chambered for the.

All internal parts were attached by screws or pins, plus all the springs were coil springs. With a couple of exceptions, the Charter revolvers also now have oversized rubber combat grips. Later, it was chambered for. Another option is to have a factory-fitted Crimson Trace Lasergrip installed, though they can also be ordered separately. Some models have stainless frames, barrels and cylinders, while the Lite versions may have stainless barrels, cranes and cylinders only.

Charter now has taken over the sales and marketing function. The new company capitalized on the fame of the old Charter Arms revolvers. Both the trigger and the hammer spur were wider for easier user manipulation. While early chamberings in the line included the. To capture some of that market, Charter Arms introduced the Undercoverette.

There are also interesting variations of the. Like the Undercover, it was based on a small frame and had a six-shot cylinder chambered for the.

It was spring-loaded and made of tough beryllium copper, making it almost unbreakable. The decade of the s also saw Charter Arms introduce the Pathfinder revolver. The very first Charter Arms product was a five-shot, double-action, snub-nose revolver in. With police and security use in mind, Charter makes two six-shot.

The one-piece barrels of the new models are machined with eight grooves instead of six for higher velocity, flatter trajectory and better accuracy. Snubbie Upgrades Several Charter Arms revolvers are available with Crimson Trace Lasergrips as well as adjustable sights for enhanced precision. Another new addition will be the Boomer, a short-barrel, vented. Initially, the revolver was to ship in early spring, however, reported problems with the patents delayed the introduction. This finish looks like a high-polished blue, yet it is scratch resistant and acts to preserve the rifling in the bore.