This might seem backwards at first

Dating on the rebound signs

At the other end of the spectrum, not mentioning his ex at all can also indicate that he's on the rebound. So when he feels that lack of connection and intimacy, he works to manufacture it in the new relationship. Wait until he's had time to recover so you know he's really into you. This is especially true if she only seems to be interested in sex.

Basically, take a look at what happened between you during the breakup, and whether anything crazy happened like either of you stalking each other, or acting crazy, causing drama, or whatever. Trust me when I say women become willing to take drastic measures to prove to themselves once again that they are attractive, loveable and important.

If you feel that a guy isn't being genuine in his adoration for you, it's probably because you're his rebound girlfriend. If you are seeing a woman for a few weeks and she bolts, you may very well have been the victim of a rebound. Round and round and rebound it goes. If it has been less than six months, move cautiously, but give her the benefit of the doubt.

If you have become the object of a rebound, you will likely be completely unaware of the function you serve. Nobody moves on and finds someone new that quickly. When she feels attractive and appealing again and realizes life will go on after so-and-so, she will make an abrupt exit.

Touchy Triggers If you are dating a guy who seems to have small triggers that set him off and make him feel a sad and distant, he likely is on the rebound. This might seem backwards at first.

If you have become the object

This makes her feel empowered, and she walks away from the broken relationship feeling better about herself. Inspect the Home If you visit a guy's home and his bedroom appears to be a shrine for his ex-girlfriend, then it's absolutely clear that he is in no way over her yet. Wise up and be on the look out for questionable messages and phone calls.

That means that instead of letting the relationship take its natural course, he pushes it forward, moving faster than he normally would and escalating the relationship more quickly. Some examples of triggers include romantic love songs, television shows and restaurants.

Nobody moves on

When this happens, it creates horrible emotional turmoil and unhappiness. This would point towards it being a rebound relationship, and not something real. Of course, there should be some conversation about their relationship and what happened to it, but it should be minimal. Maybe this explains why so many have become jaded about love and relationships.