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The crazier the better - I don't want anything mundane or boring. From Virginia, Berkeley County, south of Martinsburg. From Virginia, Mercer County, at Bluefield.

Brown is among those buried at Grafton National Cemetery. Steep hillsides, V-shaped valleys, and narrow floodplains characterize the region. Model-tall, just under six feet, slightly Rubenesque, pounds, blond hair, hazel eyes. Shortly after nightfall in Barboursville Park, the fireworks display is fired from the highest hill in the park.

Into Pennsylvania, Monongalia County, north of Morgantown. Into Maryland, Berkeley County, north of Martinsburg. There is also a newly opened splash pad and plans have been announced to build a disc golf course.

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Today, Grafton remains an active railroad town. Shy, but capable of some pretty surprising things. Im not sure exactly what an adventure would entail. Maybe a quick escape to a random far-off place.

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Since its announcement, the development has been plagued by many delays and setbacks including an endangered bat species being found on the property. Pruntytown is the oldest settlement in Taylor County, dating back to the early s. Fetterman also lay at a commercial junction, where the turnpike crossed the Tygart Valley River.

The Barboursville Park is another major attraction within the Village. Maybe doing something crazy or novel that I've never tried before.