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Alice also admits he's right, then takes it into her own hands. And then the sequel happens. Better examples will have new problems that feel at least somewhat natural appear in the horizon. Even being the Living Legend that Ezio is, even he can't resist the passage of time with the mediocre at best and outright harmful at worst Renaissance-era medical techniques.

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Nemesis ends on the hope that the Romulan Empire and the Federation will be able to put the past behind them and band together for the common good, even after the time they spent fighting. The Concept Movie's promise of a sequel to the film's events promise another one of these is in store. Then, Thanos and the Black Order attack their ship just to get the Tesseract. Worse still, work commitments and financial difficulties had basically killed his career as White Tiger before it ever really took off.

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Meanwhile, Flynn's trapped by his own creation, has been fighting a Hopeless War for the equivalent of centuries, and has had to watch the genocide of an entire species. At least Paul finds someone else who's also a security guard and Maya gets to go to her dream college at the end.

In all games, pickpocket victims who realise you're the culprit will try to punch you out. Yeah, those were paid dancers.

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The sequel reveals that Mugatu orchestrated the collapse of the center while imprisoned, which scarred Hansel's face and killed Matilda. Agent K passes the torch to Agent J and moves on to a well-earned retirement with the wife he hasn't seen in decades, J forms a new partnership with L, and everybody wins! But their efforts are undone by Thanos who is able to get the Power Stone offscreen, implying that he also destroyed Xander who tried to protect it, or at least wiped out half their population. Come the sequel, said girl has wrecked his car and dumped him for a college guy. Part of Sam's character arc in the second film is his refusal to tell Mikaela he loves her, but he finally does at the end.

At the end of the movie, he goes on the run and becomes a wanted fugitive. Problem is, the culprit is a battle-hardened warrior who goes through trained soldiers like a lawnmower. Naruto Next Generation kicks off by showing the Village of Konoha destroyed and a now more grown-up Naruto's son, Boruto Uzumaki, fighting a powerful enemy who is implied to have killed his father. Leia leading the resistance against the Empire-influenced First Order and Han back to smuggling, but it is overridden further when their son completes his fall by killing Han.

Rocky, desperate to feed his family, has no choice but to take it. Suddenly, the first film doesn't seem like such cheery Disney fare. When Kasper appeared in World of Wakanda years later, it was revealed that Gwen had dumped him and taken the baby with her. But Batman Returns shows us early on that Bruce Wayne was still unhappy, his revenge didn't satisfy him, and if anything the experience had left him even more brutal and bloodthirsty.

Derek subsequently lost custody of his son, and retreated from the public eye to live as a recluse. Shaw is long dead and David is now the Big Bad of the series. Speaking of Vieri di'Pazzi, he's the only character who outright mocks the post-assassination conversations.

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However, Cell got to him first. It doesn't end well for the civilian. She dumps him between films. The Empire has fallen, dealt a final blow shortly after Return of the Jedi, but sympathizers have worked behind the scenes to create a replacement for decades.

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By extension, this also happened to the Future Trunks from Cell's timeline. It's a splatter film series where every movie ends with a Downer Ending in which Death gruesomely murders the protagonists, usually after a fake-out happy ending. Here, he becomes a fugitive again and is put under house arrest as a deal from the government. Kincade aka Seabook retired from war after the original manga, and he and Cecily settled down in peace.

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Sure enough, by the time Doomsday Clock begins, Veidt had been exposed, and everything is back to square one. Daniel-san wins the tournament and gets the girl. Happens to James Cameron again in the Terminator series. On a larger scale, at the end of the movie, Thanos successfully executes his fingersnap of doom and wipes out half the population of the universe. Peter Quill and his friends saved Xander from total destruction and retrieve the Power Stone in the first Guardians of the Galaxy.

Infinity War revealed that he was recaptured and put on house arrest as a deal from the government, meaning he's unable to help his allies on their battle against Thanos. For one Gundam work to exist, validating form data with regular expressions the previous must have ended in failure for the protagonists. The ending of the original Kick Boxer has the hero avenge his brother's death by beating the bully Tong Po and the film ends on a happy note.

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In the opening chapter, however, Robin tells the rest of the Titans that said Mad Bomber escaped during a mass breakout of Arkham, then planted a bomb in the actor's car, killing him. Ezio doesn't kill his first victim with a single stab, he violently and repeatedly shanks him. Ghostbusters ends with the titular team defeating an ancient Sumerian deity, sending it back where it came from, and being hailed as heroes by a grateful city. Then a sequel came out in which people pick up the rubble and try to rebuild the world and their lives.

Not even the character's personal relationships are safe, with Mai and Zuko breaking up almost immediately, despite their heartwarming reunion in the show's finale. At the end of the second movie, Shinji succeeds in rescuing Rei from an Angel that had devoured her, inadvertently starting Third Impact in the process, not that he's concerned. Part of the reason the titular hero became The Atoner was that he could no longer ignore the fact that he was killing people regardless of how good the motives were.

And just to frost the cake? Except for scripted sequences which require the Xenomorph to be somewhere else, interaction with computers or conversations can be cut short by Ripley being tail-stabbed in the back. The Undiscovered Country ends on a high if bittersweet note, with our heroes, including Captain Kirk, heading towards retirement after saving the Federation and the galaxy yet again. You get flattened, that's what.

But humanity survives and even gets tons of alien tech to study. Bishop technically survives, but he's damaged beyond repair and permanently turned off by Ripley. Ragnarok ends with hope for the Asgardians who lost their homes and with Thor rallying them to start their civilization anew on Earth. First Class turned out to be short-lived.

In the end, Tekkadan lost their leader and their Gundam pilots including Mikazuki and Rustal successfully reforms Gjallarhorn without receiving any punishment for his atrocities. And all this in order to blackmail Turner into fetching him Jack's magic compass.

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