By this time, Sissoko was far away

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Sissoko, on the other hand, has lived in Mali since, as a free man. One thing led to another and he was caught in Geneva where he was opening another account. The rest he was meant to serve under house arrest in Mali. The case was later dropped. In his absence, a Dubai Court sentenced him to three years for money laundering but he will never serve a day of that time.

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Painting a positive image First, it was at his bail hearing where the judge and members of the prosecution were shocked by the number of American diplomats willing to vouch for him. Islam is as much a religion as a way of life in these parts and it frowns on the belief in and practice of black magic as paganism.

His biggest mistake came when

After you respond, you will gradually be told that you have to pay a small registration fee or transfer mobile credit to another mobile. His biggest mistake came when he tried to buy two Huey helicopters dating from the Vietnam War, for reasons that did not quick match up. The Dubai Islamic Bank, nonetheless, is still pursuing him through the courts. As manager of a bank with millions of dollars at his behest, he could make millions in profits. If Ayoub would come back again with some cash, he would show him his powers.

Most Westerners see black magic or voodoo as an African thing. After Sissoko stopped answering his calls, Ayoub confessed to a colleague, who asked how much was missing.

Over a meal, the Malian told his Emirati friend that he had powers of black magic. It is responsible for ensuring transparency, integrity and justice as well as the development of investment awareness. He had found a way to double the money. But this was not the case. The bank manager, Mohammed Ayoub, agreed and Sissoko invited him for dinner.