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In Puerto Rico, Erika knocked out power to at least people. However, with this current disturbance, the upper-level winds may remain active enough to prevent the system from gaining much organization. We have, in essence, to rebuild Dominica.

These earthen dams subsequently collapsed, leading to amplified flooding downstream. She walked six miles from her home in Jimmit to the capital, Roseau, to check on her mother's business, photographing the devastation along the way. It will be replaced with Elsa for the Atlantic hurricane season. The storm is already picking up strength and it could become, could become the first hurricane to hit Florida in a decade.

However with this current disturbanceIn Puerto Rico Erika knocked

If it goes west it has a lot of land and mountains to get through. Authorities are focusing on search-and-rescue efforts, with other countries in the region providing helicopters and other assistance.

Haiti and the Dominican Republic were getting heavy rain, the hurricane center said. Tropical storm-force winds extended outward up to miles from the storm's center, it said.

Erika Track History Erika's track history Aug. Wind shear effectively rips apart the structure of a tropical cyclone, causing thunderstorm convection to be displaced away from the center of circulation.